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Fanatic about flowers

Fanatic about flowers


Floral prints often take centre stage in my pieces so I thought I would explain just what it is about flowers that I particularly love when it comes to creating art.

Flowers do appear a lot in my work as there are so many different varieties, from wild seed heads that appear in the hedgerows to the many bright garden flowers that I enjoy using as inspiration.  I love the fact that the shapes contrast with the buildings and the colours are so bright and uplifting.  I often start with photographs of flowers in my sketchbook and use them as inspiration for new designs, altering and reworking them until I am happy with the results.  I have recently explored using them in repeat at the moment to print onto brooches and lavender bags as well as in the larger textile pieces.

And it’s not just the flowers that feature but often the fruit and foliage too. For example, my brooch collection includes a poppy seed head, a pear and leaf, amongst others which are all made from wood and feature screen printed fabric at the heart of the design. The new brooches will sit alongside the existing collection of five different shaped wooden brooches.

You can also find spiky grasses and seed hearts within my artwork, set against a backdrop of a geometric cityscape, alongside more rural landscapes inspired by the Yorkshire Dales and coastal pieces influenced by the dramatic east coast.

If you have a favorite floral print of mine, do let me know by tweeting or post on facebook.

Thanks for reading, CG x