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Screen Print ‘Loveheart Seedheads’ 21x21cm
Screen Print ‘Loveheart Seedheads’ 21x21cm

Screen Print ‘Loveheart Seedheads’ 21x21cm

Product Code:nest 005
Price: £45.00


This piece of art has been screen printed onto a marine plywood base painted in a bright salmon pink acrylic paint. The screen printing process has all been done by hand in the Yorkshire studio. Cotton fabric, screen printed with original Catherine Green designs, has been pieced together and inserted into cut out areas of the wood to create the head of three of the seedheads. A perfect gift for any art lover!

The artwork measures approximately 21cm x 21cm with a depth of 1.5cm.

Due to the handmade nature of this product subsequent pieces may vary slightly in colour etc

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