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Screen Print ‘Nest IIII’ 24x21cm
Screen Print ‘Nest IIII’ 24x21cm

Screen Print ‘Nest IIII’ 24x21cm

Product Code:nest 004
Price: £50.00


This piece of art has been individually screen printed onto a marine plywood base which has been given a white acrylic wash. The insert is a series of screen printed cotton pieces which have been sewn together into a patchwork piece and re-inserted into the wooden base with a padded backing to raise the fabric slightly above the wood.

Ready to hand with a small hook on the reverse.

Measurements: 21cm high x 13cm increasing to 17.5cm wide (approx.)

Please note that the piece shown is an example and each subsequent piece will be individually printed. Variations from the colour combinations in the patchwork areas and slight colour differences in the print will occur.

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